Sessions & Rates

Each Wellness Program is tailored to an individual client’s needs and desires. If a client has an acute concern, generally, we use weekly sessions until things calm down. While some clients choose to continue with weekly sessions, most move into every two weeks or once a month for maintenance.

What Are Sessions Like?

Clients sit in a comfortable chair and get to relax during sessions. If biofeedback is part of the session, then flexible bands are wrapped around wrists and just above the ankles for connection to the biofeedback device. If a detox foot bath is part of the session, then both feet are placed in a bath of warm salt water which is ionized for the detox.

Some clients immediately relax and zone out or doze during sessions. Others discuss their concerns and symptoms with me. Clients can expect absolute confidentiality in sessions.

I require a parent or guardian of a minor to remain in the room with us at all times during a session.


Wellness Session

Montg & Laura session Includes:

  • Biofeedback
  • Ionic foot bath detoxification
  • Wellness coaching
  • Charging and structuring water
  • Reconnecting two or more people together
  • Testing food or supplements against the body’s electrical response
  • Supporting you to be happy, healthy, and whole.


  • Initial 50-minute session: $200
  • Followup 50-minute session: $150
  • Followup 25-minute session: $75
  • Longer sessions, by request

Detox Foot bath Session

20 minute ionic foot bath: $50


24-hour notice is required for canceling sessions. Missed sessions are charged at full price.



Please call 410-218-0892, or schedule online:

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Baltimore County (Thurs)

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