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Hi. I’m Montgomery.
I am not your ordinary wellness coach.

Watch the video to see why…

What is in a session?

Our methods are simple, safe, easy and effective


Our gentle, non-invasive biofeedback system detects stress patterns and evaluates reactions to the most common stress factors including allergens, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, inflamed tissues, and more. You get to sit back and relax.

Gentle Detoxification

Gentle Detoxification

Imagine your body is like a mountain pond. Is it clear and sweet, or congested with mud and slime and years of neglect? Gentle detoxification returns the body to a cleaner and clearer state where balance and health are normal and easier.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

There are foods that help heal and protect the body. There are exercises that help clear toxins. There are mantras that help bring peace and hope. The goal of all these healthy habits is that you have the tools to keep yourself and your family whole.

Montgomery's Story

Montgomery's Story

Things started out kinda normal.

Then when I was in 4th grade, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and was told that he had about a month left to live. My parents (without the aid of the Internet) found out about an alternative cancer treatment program that transformed our lives. We had to throw out all our food and drinks that were not completely natural, organic, and healthy. My dad mourned the loss of the beer; I mourned the sugar and cake sprinkles.

The program was complicated, but it worked. My dad lived and my eyes were opened to the possibilities for wellness through food, detoxification, and stress reduction.

In college, I studied Software Engineering. I specialized in user interface and interaction design and am proud of my design work. But in 2007, I was ready to do something else. I met a guy who had a used tool store. He said he “used to be an engineer.” I met someone else who ran a bed and breakfast. She “used to be an engineer.” I wanted to be a “used to be an engineer,” too. But I felt stuck in a job I knew but didn’t really like anymore.

Then my mom came to visit for Thanksgiving that year. She recognized my upset and let me know that my dad felt the same way about his job not long before he ended up with cancer.

Well, that was it. I did not want to go through that kind of crazy. My wife and I decided together that we would take a blind leap into possibility, and I quit my job in 2008.

And things magically came together. Teachers showed up. Opportunities for business showed up. Wellness technologies that I still rely on today just showed up. And clients started showing up.

What a ride it has been. I have learned a tremendous amount about how bodies break down and repair. I have learned to trust my inner voice when I seek out what kind of imbalance is really blocking someone’s wellness.

I love helping people get to a place where they are happy, healthy, and whole. I love showing them the tools that they can use to stay there.

Are you ready for happy, healthy, and whole?


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